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The Bard's romcom gets a makeover at the Criterion

Much Ado About Nothing, Criterion Theatre, Coventry, 11-18 May.

Shakespeare's greatest romcom is given a wartime setting in this new production for the Criterion, directed by Pete Bagley.

It is the summer of 1945 and in the English countryside young men returning from the war in Europe find their soul mates still working as Land Girls.

Benedick and Beatrice are sworn enemies but they have a shared past, an affair which went wrong and left wounded feelings and injured pride on both sides. However, Beatrice's younger cousin Hero is now to be married to one of Benedick's friends and for the sake of her cousin and her Uncle Leonato she must force herself to be civil to her former lover and his friends. Meanwhile, Benedick's mates play a trick on him, allowing him to eavesdrop as they discuss how much Beatrice still loves him.

Will it all end happily? With music and costumes from the period and even a walk-on appearance from the Home Guard, there looks to be plenty of fun in finding out.

Tickets from the box office voicemail on 024 7667 4719 or at

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