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Your chance to meet Horrid Henry's creator

Horrid Henry, Albany Theatre, March 24.

If there’s one character who lives up to his name, it’s Horrid Henry. And now your child can actually meet this character's creator at The Albany Theatre, Coventry, at 3pm on March 24.

All parents of primary school age children will be familiar with the antics of Henry...and can be forgiven for wishing they were just a little more like his brother - better known as Perfect Peter.

The creator of both boys, Francesca Simon, has chosen to come to Coventry at the launch of her 25th book about Henry's latest escapades....and it's buy one, get your mum or dad in free for each child!

What's more the children even get a copy of the new book, free.

Francesca Simon says: "It was a great joy for me to drop back into Horrid Henry’s world, and rediscover all the reasons I’ve always loved writing about him.

"Twenty-five books, 25 years, and 100 stories seemed the perfect way to round off Henry’s gleeful, devil-may-care adventures."

New artwork has been provided for the book by Tony Ross, widely regarded as one of the UK's most successful illustrators.

Since the first Horrid Henry story in 1994 the books have gone on to become international bestsellers. They've been translated into 31 languages and have sold over 22 million copies.

For tickets call the box office on 02476 99 89 64 (open 10.30 - 13.30 Monday to Saturday).

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