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Teatro stage gives the whole cast a chance to shine

Teatro Presents: The Government Inspector, The Royal Spa Centre, Wednesday March 20.

Theatre goers will shortly have the opportunity to enjoy this classic 1836 satirical comedy written by Nikolai Gogol. Teatro Theatre School is the community, education, and outreach arm of the Spa Centre and aims to provide theatrical experience to young people and adults from a diverse range of backgrounds, abilities and experiences. Artistic Director Alan Gill (pictured right) is keen to make the theatre accessible to everyone including those who are unlikely to join traditional amateur dramatic societies.

Involvement in the performing arts can contribute enormously to personal and social development as well as developing self confidence, self esteem and the presentation and communication skills required in today’s world of work. No auditions took place for The Government Inspector and the play was chosen as it has a large cast with a variety of different roles. The script is a modern translation of a play which is essentially a comedy of errors that satires human greed, stupidity and political corruptness. Performing on the main stage at The Spa Centre will certainly be a memorable experience for the actors who have been rehearsing in a fun and supportive but professional environment. Further information about Teatro is available at Tickets are available from the Royal Spa Centre.

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