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Wonderful script will light up the darkness

The Father, the Criterion, Earlsdon, March 16-23

This may not exactly sound like Game for a Laugh, as it focuses on the darkness haunting many people of a certain age - dementia.

But with veteran Criterion actor Keith Railton in the title role, The Father, directed by John Ruscoe, should be a play worth seeing.

And John promises that there are laughs among the darkness of this wonderful script, which in 2014 was named France's best play after winning the Moliere award

Naturally, this is the translated version, but no less powerful. Or farcical.

Michael Billington in The Guardian described it as an "ingenious Alzheimer's drama with echoes of Lear."

The Father constantly confounds expectations and works almost like a thriller with a sinister Pinteresque edge as complete strangers keep turning up in confused Andre's flat.

Cathryn Bowler plays his daughter Anne, with Helen McGowan, Hugh Sorrill, Pete Gillam and Leonie Slater completing the experienced cast.

And as well as the King Lear aspect of father and daughter relationships, there are many witticisms which are certainly fair game for at least the odd laugh.

Pictured: Cathryn Bowler as Anne and Keith Railton as André.

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