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Witty and vicious view of life with feuding royals

Hervey at the Court of George II, Loft Theatre, Leamington, March 10 only.

Although this is not a Loft Theatre Company production, this one man show - written and performed by Andrew Waxkirsh, should be an interesting night’s entertainment.

The year 1737 is a bad one for the Royal Family. King George II and Queen Caroline loathe their son and heir, the Prince of Wales, and the Prince of Wales loathes them back, with interest. Fanning the flames of this bitter feud is the Queen’s Vice-Chamberlain, the witty and vicious Lord Hervey, whose uninhibited reminiscences provide a wickedly entertaining picture of Georgian life-at-the-top. This saucy review is not suitable for children. For tickets go to:

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