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Saints prepare to open the batting for laughs

Outside Edge, Saints Dramatic Society, Allesley Village Hall, Feb 12 -16.

It will be sunshine and laughter all the way for the Allesley-based Saints first production of 2019.

The Saints are hoping for good weather as they have a cricket match to organise! Outside Edge is described as a delightful comedy of manners and relationships set around a summer’s day of cricket, directed by Chris Smith.

The cast of nine stars John Pease as Roger, who is busy assembling his team to play against some stiff local opposition. Mark Perryman plays Bob; Gary Swain is Dennis, Kevin Ward (Kevin) and Brian McAuley (Alex).

The WAGS are played by Megan Holland (Miriam), Ellie Hill (Maggie), and Maria Sheovska (Sharon).Rosie Wallace makes her onstage debut as Ginnie.

The cricket pavilion is under construction and once the groundsman prepares the wicket the match is on! Look forward to the sound of leather on willow and loud cries of Owzat!

Box Office 07927 319985. Tickets £7 full price and £6 concessions.

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