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Maya brings her life-affirming music to Arts Centre

Maya Youssef, Warwick Arts Centre, Feb 15.

Syrian musician Maya (right) is one of the world's leading qanun players.

A qanun is a 78-stringed plucked instrument which looks a bit like a zither and it's played in much of the the Middle East, West Africa, Central Asia, and south-eastern Europe.

It can be played solo or as part of an ensemble, and at the Arts centre, Maya will be accompanied by Elizabeth Nott on percussion and Barney Morse-Brown on cello.

She is a regular on the BBC and was featured at the BBC Proms at The Royal Albert Hall, among other prestigious venues and festivals.

Her debut album, Syrian Dreams, was released in November 2017, to critical acclaim. Of the life-affirming album, which developed out of Maya seeing her country torn apart by war, the Guardian reviewer said: “It’s an often exquisite, emotional set that constantly changes mood, from sorrow to hope.”

You can get a taste of Maya's playing here:

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