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And now for something completely different

Over The Top, Belgrade B2 until December 29.

Writer Nick Walker is building himself quite a track record for his alternative pantos at the Belgrade, and this year he's recruited the First World War and the suffragette movement to fashion a tale of quick-fire gags, rapid costume changes and puns to die for.

It takes us from the Coventry Music Hall to the frontline trenches in France where a spy is threatening to blow the secret of operation Tile Hill and only a plucky band of under-cover suffragettes can stop it happening.

Shades of Blackadder, perhaps, but the all-female cast of Laura Tipper, Aimee Powell, Kimisha Lewis and Miriam Grace Edwards bring plenty of gusto and fine comic timing to a stream of jokes and word play that would do any real performer on the music halls proud.

Over the top it certainly is, but if the following gets you giggling - I turned my wife into a sofa. She's in hospital but she's comfortable - then you're going to love it.

Pictures by Robert Day. Above Aimee Powell (left) and Laura Tipper. Inset Laura, Grace Edwards and Kimisha Lewis.

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