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Loft to take on the Bard's 'perfect comedy'

Twelfth Night, The Loft, Leamington Spa, 5-15 December.

Written as a Christmas entertainment, William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night gets a suitably seasonal outing as the Loft Theatre's final production of 2018.

It's a tale of mistaken identities, bewildering desires, practical jokes and ribald revelry, centred on the exploits of twins Viola and Sebastian, separated by a shipwreck but then reunited in a world of almost incomprehensible confusion. A strong cast, led by Beatrice Cranke as Viola, take on what is also a story of unrequited love - both comic and heartbreaking.

Director William Wilkinson said: "The play is a miracle of perfect structure and harmony. It blends broad comedy with moments of sadness, regret and a streak of darkness that never fails to delight. I know of no other play that is its equal - the perfect comedy."

For tickets go to: or call 01926 830680.

Pictured (left to right): Olivia (Elisabeth Champion), Viola (Beatrice Cranke) and Maria (Lorna Middleton). Photo by Richard Smith Photography.

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