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Cunning plan to bring much-loved comedy to Rugby

Blackadder Goes Forth, Rugby Theatre, Nov 17-24.

The script is pure Richard Curtis and Ben Elton, and the director in Rugby is John Dulcamara who knows that affection for the televised Blackadder series still rumbles on 30 years after it was first shown.

John says: "Some critics accused the show of being disrespectful of the British Army but the comedy was always handled with warmth and takes account of the debt we owe for the sacrifices of the past.

"This is never more obvious than when our much-loved characters go over the top."

John Harrison has the title role and although the theatre lights can't zoom in on Rowan Atkinson's long-suffering expression as Baldrick (Gavin Yeats) explains his latest cunning plan, there is no shortage of humour.

In fact, says John: "We've had spectacular fun at rehearsals."

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