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So you wanna be a rock 'n' roll star? Listen up


How Does it Feel? With Mark Kermode, Royal Spa Centre, Tuesday 30 Oct.

Mark Kermode is best known as a TV presenter but also as a radio host and print journalist.

He is Chief Film Critic for The Observer and co-presents Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review on BBC Radio 5 Live. He also has a weekly fIlm Review on the BBC New channel and recently presented a well-received series on Genre on BBC 4 called Secrets of Cinema. However, he wears a more personal hat in this show. He will be recounting his attempts to fulfil his dreams of becoming a pop star.

This is a journey from building an electric guitar while at school, to playing tea-chest bass on the kids TV show 'Utterly Brilliant' to becoming the musical director of a major TV show - all without ever learning to read music. He plays double-bass and harmonica in the Dodge Brothers, the award-winning skiffle-and-blues band who also accompany silent movies with Neil Brand.

He holds two Sony Awards for his radio programmes, and the Dodge Brothers album The Sun Set was voted Blues Album of the Year 2013 by the roots music magazine Spiral Earth. Kermode says: “As a teenager I wanted two things: watch movies and be a pop star. The first ambition was fairly straightforward – the second proved more tricky. Yet somehow, more through persistence than talent, I kept that ridiculous dream alive, with frankly preposterous consequences.” This should be a hilarious evening in which the film critic recalls falling in love with Slade as a teenager, forming his first proper band, and recording an album at Sun Studio as an ageing old ted. This event is suitable for ages 16+ Tickets £21 01926 737154

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