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Chilling Saints get it all fright on the night

There was drama and some distinctly chilling moments in The Saints Dramatic Society’s production of Frankenstein.

Electric storms, howling winds and thunderous heartbeats – the team behind the scenes created some excellent effects. On stage too, the ghostly elements sent a real shiver down the spine as the cast wove reality into the dreams and subconscious of troubled Victor Frankenstein (Brian McAuley). Frankenstein’s monster, the Creature, was portrayed excellently by Aran Eardley, and without giving away any spoilers there were a couple of occasions when the drama extended from the stage and into the auditorium! Delightful moments for an audience who have gone along to see a horror story. Good performances by all the cast including Maria Sheovska who plays Elizabeth, the young woman who loves Victor Frankenstein through thick and thin; and Justine played by Clare Perryman creates a real air of spookiness as she drifts in and out of scenes. Her part in the courtroom scene was perfect. Well done to the other cast members, who all gave sterling performances: Walton played by John Pease, Father played by Paul Hayes and the Professor by Chris Smith. With simple but effective backgrounds and props, the whole performance was extremely atmospheric and enjoyable. This was The Saints’ 166 th production, having staged three plays every year since its beginnings back in 1959. And with 2018 marking the 200 th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s classic horror masterpiece, it was an excellent tribute to a story that has stood the test of time. This was adapted for the stage by R.N. Sandberg and directed by Mark Smithers. Must also say what a friendly theatre group this is, with free tea and biscuits delivered to you in your seat in the interval plus a raffle. Discover more about The Saints Dramatic Society: Tickets available from the Box Office 07927 3199985

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