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Spooky tales and a warm welcome at Stoke pub.

Winter Tales, The Humber Pub, Coventry, November 17. Seeking out the cosy embrace of a welcoming inn on a chilly late autumn evening has long been a staple of storytelling, especially when the story dwells on matters of the mysterious, or supernatural. All the more reason then to head towards Coventry’s Humber Hotel, on Humber Road, on Saturday evening 17th November, and catch a performance of Winter Tales, by Regional Voice Theatre Company.

They promise us drama based on three supernatural tales, The Sentinel, The Willow Tree and The Turn of the Screw.

Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows was considered by H.P. Lovecraft to be the finest supernatural story written, while Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw has long been established as a classic of the genre. Regional Voice theatre are Wolverhampton based, and mainly dedicated to dramatising the stories of the West Midlands, where possible in the voices and dialects of local people.

Some readers may recall the travelling production of The Tat Man by David Calcutt, performed at the Humber last year, to much acclaim. Winter Tales promises to be just as good. And credit is due to the pub itself, for seeing the potential of its cavernous 1930’s dimensions in promoting cultural events in an unlikely setting. Birmingham may have The Old Joint Stock (co-incidentally the venue for Winter Tales the next night), but perhaps Coventry is providing a rival? The perfomance of Winter Tales at the Humber Hotel starts at 8pm- tickets are £8.00. Telephone 02476 451114

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