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Rugby converts to The beautiful game

The Beautiful Game, Rugby Theatre, October 20 - 27 Hot on the booted heels of the World Cup and the start of the Premiership season, the talented players at Rugby Theatre are set to score when they stage the award-winning musical The Beautiful Game.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s vibrant collaboration with comedian and writer Ben Elton tells the story of an under-21 team in Belfast at the height of the troubles. It follows the fortunes of five young players through good times and bad as their friendships are tested by tempestuous relationships and opposing beliefs, set against a backdrop of a city in turmoil. Director David Allen says: “If you’re not a sports fan, the football is only one element. The story is full of romance, humour and mesmerising drama, and runs the gamut of human emotions.” This is exactly the sort of material that the Rugby Theatre tackles so well. Having reviewed Up and Under and Guys and Dolls from this location in the last year or so this website has no qualms about recommending you book up now. Booking online or calling the box office on 01788 541234.

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