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Saints hit by a frightening bolt from the sky

Frankenstein, Saints Dramatic Society, Allesley Village Hall, Oct 9-13.

They may not look very sinister right now but just wait until October 9th to find out more about Aran Eardley and the cast of Frankenstein in Allesley village hall.

This time The Saints Dramatic Society celebrates the 200th anniversary of the the creation of Mary Shelley's masterpiece which has gone on to scare the pants of book-lovers, along with theatre and cinema goers for...well, 200 years.

This adaptation of the story is set in the icy polar regions where scientist Victor Frankenstein (Brian McAuley) has chased the terrifying creature he has brought to life.

Director Mark Smithers, who has four new Saints members making their acting debuts in this production, is using the highly theatrical and emotional adaptation of the story written by R.N. Sandberg.

This traces Dr Frankenstein's path to the final confrontation with the intelligent, articulate, sensitive and powerfully violent child he has created.

It may be a trifle early for halloween....but what better start to the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and neighbours' children banging on the door demanding sweets.

For tickets ring the Box Office 07927 319985 or visit the website.

Tickets £7 and £6

Pictured: Victor Frankenstein (Brian McAuley) with The Professor (Chris Smith)

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