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Gentle heart-warming tale spreads the love

Guess How Much I Love You, Albany Theatre, Coventry, Sept 28 only. This gentle play expands upon the popular heart-warming book of the same name. The set is in a watercolour style and two actors play Little and Big Nutbrown Hare. A third actor acts as the narrator, taking the audience through the seasons, from the joy of tadpoles in spring to the flowers of summer and the winds of autumn. The tale is told through puppetry and song, with actions that the audience couldn't help but join in with. This is a beautiful portrayal of a year in the countryside, a heartwarming tale of how much a child loves its parent - and how much the parent loves the child in turn. There are no moments of high drama, that’s not what the story is about, but by the end you will find yourself hugging your own child with a smile on your face. It would probably appeal most to a pre-school audience, although my seven-year-old son declared it to be "excellent" and tripped off to the foyer at the end to buy a toy rabbit for his brother.

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