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Handbags at dawn when Maggie met Liz

Handbagged, Criterion Theatre, Coventry, September 1-8.

The dialogue is imagined, but the clash of ideologies behind the scenes was real - between one powerful personality who believed that there was no such thing as society, and the other who had vowed to serve it.

Moira Buffini's witty drama unzips the relationship between Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II by exploring the interaction between the two at the weekly audience given by the Queen to her most powerful subject.

The play reflects on real historical events and gives each the space to express their point of view, although it could be argued that the monarch has the best lines. It also illustrates why Mrs Thatcher has been such a divisive figure, inspiring admiration and dislike in equal measure. This new production from The Criterion is directed by Helen Withers.

For tickets go to or call the box office on 024 7667 5175 (open every Wednesday from 8-9pm and each night - 6.30-9pm - during the play's run.

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