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Fringe preview for darkly funny drama

Showmanship, Criterion Theatre, Coventry, July 27-28.

Coventry writer and actor Lucy Roslyn offers the Criterion audience an opportunity to see her new play in preview on its way to an appointment with the Edinburgh fringe next month.

Set in the dust-bowl America of 1935, Showmanship is a darkly funny psychological drama based on the world of the charlatan psychic. As the worst dust storm in history is about to hit, a ramshackle circus rolls into town, with fortune-teller Myra Collins ready to ply her trade among folk who are desperate for hope in a world that seems to offer little of it. Myra has hope to dispense in buckets, but if those in search of it have nothing, how are they going to pay for it?

This is a return to the Criterion for Lucy, who brought Goody, an earlier episode in her Boondog Circus series of plays, to the theatre for preview last year, before it went on to acclaim at the Edinburgh Festival.

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