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Dark comedy reveals uncomfortable realities

Sex Cells, The Bear Pit Theatre, Stratford, July 17-21.

As they deal with call centre enquiries for Teasey Maids, Titivators and rotating pearl g- strings, the four female employees of a sex toy manufacturer expose each other to the uncomfortable realities of their lives.

Behind the cheerful customer service and easy banter, each is nursing desires and disappointments. Sylvie's desperation to have a baby is causing tensions within her marriage and with her colleagues. Mother-of-five Janice rarely has time for herself, Tiffany is young and single, looking for the "right one" but keen to preserve her independence, and star employee Lily is trapped in a loveless marriage and estranged from her son.

In the middle of it all stands their gentle and innocent manager Mr Causeway, trying to defuse the tensions and keep the lid on his own crush on Lily.

Anna Longaretti's dark comedy, first performed in 2013, is a poignant look at motherhood, friendship, love and loss, shot through with humour. Director for The Bear Pit is Olivia Jane Parker.

For tickets call 01789 403416 or go to:

Pictured: Cast members in rehearsal.

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