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Grave plot lies behind the Tomb family return

Tiptoe Through The Tombstones, Priory Theatre, Kenilworth, July 11-25

With poison in every cut-glass decanter and and a pile-up of bodies in the cellar, Tiptoe through The Tombstones looks like the ultimate spoof thriller.

Director Michael Brooks feels sure this latest offering from playwright Norman Robbins is a worthy sequel to the original Tomb With A View, which played to sell-out audiences back in 2014.

Mike admits: "Back then I had such a great time working with a large company of actors with so many intricate plots and lots of murders that I had to be involved with this wonderful sequel."

The author himself describes the offbeat family and this intriguing story as a gentle homage to the kind of comedy thriller that dominated "Rep" in the 1950s - but there is still a mystery to solve.

Who will inherit the family fortune?

Crusty old lawyer Mortimer Crayle has gathered all the potential beneficiaries together in a creepy old house full of secret passageways.

But for him to grab the riches, others will have to die.

Pictured are Nicky Main as Fabia Tomb, Ruth Jones as Henrietta Tomb, Ray Arber (Augustus Tomb) and Brian Goredema-Braid (Mortimer Crayle).

For tickets visit or ring 0333666 3366.

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