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Making a song and dance about Brexit Britain

Border Tales, Warwick Arts Centre, April 24. Award-winning dance theatre company Protein are returning to Warwick Arts Centre later this month for a single performance of Border Tales, their 2013 satirical take on multi-cultural Britain.

Based on the personal experiences of some of their own performers and research conducted with migrants and refugees across Europe and further afield, Border Tales exposes the stereotypes about multi-cultural life in Brexit Britain.

In a show that fuses humour, dance, live music and words, it takes a cool look at the UK through the eyes of the company's British and international cast.

Artistic director Luca Silvestrini said, "The desire to bring back this piece of work from 2013 comes primarily from the moment we are living in. Back then, we were only at the start of a world crisis; five years down the line a lot has happened, resulting in a more divisive and intolerant co-existence. I feel it is important to bring back these simple yet relevant tales of migration and identity, to both remember the past and to reflect about today."

Tickets from the box office on 024 7652 4524 or at www.warwickartscentre. co .uk.

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