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Dickens of a tale awaits you at the Belgrade

Great Expectations, Belgrade Theatre, May 2-5.

Great Expectations - sure to be on the curriculum at a secondary school near you.

But now members of the Tilted Wig theatre group are coming to the Belgrade with their own slant on this classic Dickens' tale.

And the good news is you won't have to sit an exam at the end of it.

This will be a fast-paced production with just a handful of actors taking on the whole gamut of Dickens' characters with the help of some specially commissioned live music plus quickfire costume changes.

And one of the actors is the Olivier-award winning Nichola McAuliffe, who has recorded the attached video to give you a taste of the action. (see link below).

Nichola's main role is, of course, the manipulative Miss Haversham, jilted at the altar but living on amid the decaying grandeur of her fine home....just waiting to lure innocents like young Pip (Sean Aydon) into her web of revenge against all mankind.

Then there's the terrifying Magwitch, running amok on the Kent Marshes and demanding "vittels", while pretty, spolit Estella (Isla Carter) demands only adoration.

One of Dickens' best loved tales - which gripped the nationl when first told in serial form between 1860 and 1861 - sounds as if it's been given new zip while losing nothing of its original sprawling drama.

Tilted Wig director Sophie Boyze Couzens, who is working for the first time in collaboration with Malvern Theatres, said: "This story is mammoth and the challenge is to ensure playful clarity. For that we have assembled a company of actors who are excellent collaborators."

For tickets call 024 7655 3055

*Miss Haversham's invitation, via video, click here

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