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It's a 10 from me for Strictly star Giovanni

Giovanni Pernice, Born to Win, Albany Theatre, Coventry, April 12 only.

The Albany Theatre was abuzz last night as fans of Strictly Come Dancing star Giovanni Pernice, came to see the premier of his new show, Born to Win.

It was clear that anticipation was high, while the audience drank Prosecco and discussed their Strictly favourite before the show began. He didn’t let them down. While I expected excellent dancing, I was surprised at how entertaining Giovanni could be. He had the audience laughing and swooning in equal part and seemed to enjoy his role as story teller and compere.

The story line was fairly cheesy but it was a perfect structure for giving a coherence to the dance routines and allowing a greater variety of dancing styles. Giovanni Pernice was undoubtedly the star of the show, but the seven dancers that made up his team performed brilliant dance routines in their own right.

Giovanni worked well with his team, often blending in with the routines and creating a pleasing chemistry between them. If you are a Strictly fan or maybe someone who enjoys musical theatre, this is a show that will satisfy.

Its next date is on Saturday, April 14, at the Crescent Theatre in Birmingham, before going on a nationwide tour. As Tess and Claudia would say, “Keep Dancing”.

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