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Three Marys' spring showing at St Mary's

Playing With Fire, St Mary's Church, Warwick. Saturday 21 April.

The always close, and sometimes toxic, relationship between drama and religion is the starting point for a panel discussion with distinguished speakers, convened by the Warwick-based young people's theatre company, Playbox, at historic St Mary's Church as part of the Warwick Spring Festival.

The company's Consultant Director Stewart McGill curates the event, which examines the dynamic and special relationship between theatre and religion from the earliest times to our contemporary world, and features Playbox Generator actors staging a short work, The Three Marys, that pre-dates the Medieval Mysteries.

Leading the discussion will be the Reverend Doctor Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Mary's, who will speak about medieval drama, Shakespeare scholar and theatre director Dr. Alycia Smith-Howard, whose subject will be Jacobean drama, and Professor Ben Quash, from King's College, Cambridge, who will be talking about contemporary responses to religious drama.

The event is designed to appeal both to those interested in the roots of theatre and those who wish to discover more about the arts and religion.

Tickets are available from Playbox Theatre's box office or at the door.

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