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A thoroughly silly Knight at the Belgrade!

I also suspect that most of the audience had probably seen it a few times already and could probably have acted as prompters had any of the performers forgotten their lines! In the unlikely event that you don’t know, Spamalot is a musical comedy adapted from the 1970s film ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ and is a highly irreverent parody of the legend of King Arthur. All the favourite bits from the original film are included and the audience lapped up the horseless rider and his coconuts, the defiant but dismembered Black Knight, who claimed it was ‘only a flesh wound’, the flatulent Frenchman and many others. However, it is also a send up of Lloyd Webber type modern musicals exemplified by the excellent Sarah Harlington’s rendition of ‘The Song That Goes like This’. The highly talented performers work enthusiastically hard throughout, delivering the gags, changing costumes and characters, singing tunefully and dancing energetically. As they search for the Holy Grail the audience were delighted as the knights encountered showgirls, knights who say ‘Ni’, deadly killer rabbits, eccentric French people and dubious can-can dancers. We even got to see God (albeit only his hand and foot) and this updated production also included a brief appearance from Donald Trump. From beginning of the performance when some Finns mistakenly gave us a Fisch Schlapping Dance until the finale when we decided to ‘always look on the bright side of life’, there were few faces that didn’t contain an extremely broad smile. Top entertainment!

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