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Two for the price of one at Criterion

The Criterion Theatre in Earlsdon, Coventry, kicks of 2018 with two for the price of one. Short plays, admittedly, although one has a lengthy if intriguing title.

Selma Dimitrijevic took a quote from John Steinbeck’s East of Eden for her condensed yet complex Gods are Fallen and All Safety Gone. It promises to be an exploration of the relationship between parents and children, how that changes at certain stages of our lives and how those changes affect us.

In Tom Wells’s more succinctly titled Spacewang, Leonie Slater will be taking on the formidable role of Nora, a girl in her mid-teens who evidently has a few problems, including a growing taste for alcohol and a shoplifting habit.

She also has a strange obsession with making contact with aliens and inviting them to our shores. They’re welcome in Withernsea apparently, although they might find the East Yorkshire coast a little chilly.

Both plays will be underscored by original music from two shooting stars in the galaxy of talent hereabouts.

As a prelude to the plays, Sophie Hadlum will be playing some of her cinematic classical piano pieces. And Nicole Firth will be showing that she can sing as well as act. That’s saying something, if past performances are anything to go by.

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