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Classic tale from the riverbank at the Albany

The Wind In The Willows, Albany Theatre, Coventry, Dec 9 to Jan 6.

Coventry professional actor Paul Nolan takes the lead in the first solo, in-house production at the Albany Theatre, a stage adaptation by Mike Kenny of Kenneth Graham's classic tale of the riverbank.

Nolan plays the charming, self-effacing Mole in a show that has been cast, produced and created by the team behind Coventry's newest old theatre.

The cast includes local children from schools, groups and clubs who auditioned back in the summer, and will play the woodland creatures, notably a field mouse choir and those dastardly weasels and stoats.

The production also features a set in the shape of Mole End, home to Nolan's character, which is accessible to audience members - but only if they're on the small side.

"We really want our younger audiences to get involved in the story, " explains Nolan, "and so we're giving those small enough the chance to have a look round Mole's cosy little home to really get a feel for the character and enjoy their theatre experience."

Tickets from or 02476 998 964.

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