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Praise be for brilliant Sister Act

Sister Act, Abbey Theatre, Pool Bank Street, Nuneaton, until October 21. It's described as a joyous show, and Sister Act is certainly that and more. Presented by NAODS – Nuneaton Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society - it's a lively, well-rehearsed production with some very talented performers. Playing to a packed house on its opening night, there was the great community atmosphere that you often get at amateur productions where everyone is wildly enthusiastic, eager to entertain and be entertained.

The show's director Kevin Benson also plays a very cool Eddie, the cop who finally wins Deloris Van Cartier's heart. Jenny Jennings is Deloris, an aspiring singer, forced to lie low at a convent to escape her gangster boyfriend Curtis Shank, played by David Hellyer. Jenny plays the sassy, good-time girl Deloris with confidence, humour, and some powerful songs. It has to be said that the nuns are utterly brilliant. I don't know why it's so funny to see nuns in habits strutting their stuff, but it is!

Evie Tither, who plays Sister Mary Patrick is an absolute star, throwing herself into her role with gusto, her movement so hilarious you just can't take your eyes off her. Katie Earl plays novice nun Sister Mary Robert, and she grows in confidence through the show. But my star nun is the Mother Superior played by Libby Brooks - a fabulous voice and great acting. So many of the cast could be singled out for a mention – David Hellyer as the villain Curtis Shank, a mean and ruthless individual; his three sidekicks TJ (Marcus Grove), Joey (Jake Hayward) and Pablo (Ethan Hopkins), who get the chance to show what they can do in Act 2 when they're out of the shadow of baddie Curtis. The casting is great throughout.

Sister Act is NAODS's 151st show, and the 27th that Kevin Benson has directed. The group began an incredible 97 years ago and do two shows a year at the Abbey Theatre. Tickets from: or by calling 07773045816.

Pictured (top): Jenny Jennings as Deloris and director Kevin Benson who also plays Eddie; and (above), Colin Jones as Monsignor O'Hara and members of the choir.

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