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Wheeling and dealing delivers fun night

Pullin’ The Wool, Saints Amateur Theatre Group, Allesley Village Hall, Coventry, until Oct 14.

Four couples wheeling and dealing in the property transaction from hell is at the centre of this whacky comedy directed by Gary Swain.

Martyn and Gayle with middle class pretensions are selling their house to decidedly working class Ray and Sheila (Kevin Ward and Megan Holland), who are in turn, passing on their home to Ray’s jailbird brother Dave and his partner Di (David Healey and Steph Saffrey).

Martyn and Gayle (George Pensom and Jess Devine) are buying from Denise and Barry (Jayne Batstone and Bill Parkinson), but when a link in the chain is broken chaos ensues.

It’s a tangled web, and it makes for very funny dialogue, misunderstandings and a lot of doors opening and closing, Brian Rix-style.

The set is split in two, one half the upmarket home of Martyn and Gayle, the other, complete with peeling wallpaper, the less posh living room of Ray and Sheila. Action takes place in both simultaneously, and to complicate things further, playwright Frank Vickery plays around with the time sequences.

Delivery of the dialogue needs to be timed right and although first night nerves showed a little in the first half, things came together well in the second half.

Parents might want to note - there’s some adult humour and language in there, and a very funny scatalogical routine around misuse of an ice bucket.

A good, fun night.

For tickets, call 07927 319985.

Picture: Ray (Kevin Ward) with Gayle (Jess Devine).

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