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Saints on the move with upcoming comedy

Pullin' The Wool, Saints Drama Group, Allesley, October 10-14.

A familiar scenario to anyone who has tried to move house recently, Frank Vickery's 1998 comedy lays bare the trials and tribulations of buying property, when a chain that would-be purchasers are relying on is not as secure as it seems to be.

The action alternates between the living rooms of Martyn and Gayle Walsh and their prospective purchasers, Ray and Sheila Gibbons. Dodgy Ray has a scam to make the unsuspecting Walshes drop the price of their home.

Meanwhile, another couple in the chain, Barrie and Denise Lovejoy, choose this moment to try to secure their own interest in the property. The play, often described as Ayckbourn-esque, is directed by Gary Swain.

Pictured above are the Saints in rehearsal. Left to right : Bill Parkinson, Jayne Batstone, Jess Devine, George Pensom, Megan Holland, Steph Saffrey, David Healey, and Kevin Ward.

For tickets, phone 07927 319985.

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