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Party guests find flings ain't what they used to be

Rumours, Priory Theatre, Kenilworth, until September 16.

If you have heard rumours that Kenilworth audiences are being well and truly entertained by a Neil Simon farce, then I am pleased to inform you that they are certainly true.

The play is the British version of a script originally set in New York and the action takes place in the impressive home of a government minister who is throwing a dinner party to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary.

The first couple arrive to find the host has a bullet hole in his ear and a gun beside him. Furthermore, his wife is missing, there are no domestic staff and the food is uncooked. Fearing the adverse publicity, they decide to keep their discovery from the other guests, especially as the hosts are both rumoured to be having affairs.

Three other couples arrive at different times and we discover that they all have their own problems and differing relationships.

Gradually one small fib leads to another and confusion reigns.When all the guests eventually learn the truth about the shooting their imagination is severely put to the test when trying to make an explanation to a couple of visiting police officers.

It is a wonderful script which is delivered with gusto by ten talented actors and their words and movements bring out the fun in a very complex set of situations.

There is considerable scope for confusion especially when all the female partners have names beginning with ‘C’ and three of the males have the rhyming names of Ken, Len and Glen!

However the cast manage to do justice to the superb script through very effective direction and impeccable timing.

I have heard a rumour that we never actually get to see or hear the hosts but you’ll have to go and watch it to find out if this contains any truth!

Pictured: Chris Cortopassi as Ken Gorman and Cara Gould as Claire Ganz

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