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Find out what goes on behind the curtains with Talking Birds

Backstage At The Albany Theatre, Talking Birds Theatre Company, September 10.

The mysterious and unseen world of backstage has a new spotlight thrown upon it in the latest performance from Coventry's renowned site-specific theatre company, Talking Birds.

Will the stage door keeper dish the dirt on the leading man? Is the Green Room really green and can a disgruntled assistant stage manager bring the show to a crashing halt from the prompt corner?

Answers to these questions, and many more, will be revealed in the company's promenade performance at the Albany Theatre, which is free to attend and takes place five times on Sunday, September 10 (11am, 12 noon, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm).

It's part of the second annual Spon Spun festival, which has been underway in the Spon End area since July, with workshops and family events covering a huge range of activities, from circus skills and weaving, to writing and ceramics.

The festival concludes on the same day with an Art Trail, starting at Holyhead Studios and meandering through some of Coventry's most historic sites, including the Weaver's House and St John The Baptist Church.Book tickets on 024 7699 8964 or online at

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