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Franky goes to the Goth-com with Teddy

Frankenstein: Man or Monster, Town and Country Club, Henry Street,

Rugby, Monday July 17

Created and performed by Augustus Stephens, this one man show portrays

characters with a range of mental health problems and is based on the

testimonies of real people who have suffered from them.

However the performance tackles these issues through humour and a

smattering of songs. It aims to increase understanding and tolerance whilst

changing attitudes and reducing stigma.

The audience is introduced to Frank who has multiple personalities including

a Dr Frankenstein who has delusions of grandeur and believes he is creating

life. When lightening strikes, a monster really is created who has his own

problems and just doesn’t seem able to fit in.

Augustus Stephens has a mental health illness himself and says, ‘I empathise

with Frankenstein’s monster who, like many with mental illness, finds that

people fear and shun him even though he’s never hurt anybody.'

His previous show, ‘Altered Minds, Altered Realities,’ was well received.

This Mad Top Theatre production seeks to take the presentation of mental

illness to a new level by ‘making something more driven, more surreal and


The performance lasts for 75 minutes and tickets can be obtained via the

website or can be bought on the night

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