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Room service takes on a new dimension

Communicating Doors, Criterion Theatre, Earsldon, June 24- July1

What's going on at The Criterion in Earlsdon?

A cross between Back to the Future and Psycho? Plus, so they claim, the most memorable balcony scene since Romeo and Juliet...

We're late on telling you about next week's run of Communicating Doors but it sounds like a must for all Alan Ayckbourn fans out there.

This slightly risque comedy thriller starts with a businessman staying in London hiring a call girl to come to his hotel room. Sounds straightforward?

Not with Ayckbourn responsible for the plot involving a communicating door that takes us back in time.

For technical reasons our full review won't go online until Tuesday....but with John Ruscoe directing the action and Criterion regular Cathryn Bowler among the cast we recommend booking your seat in the De Lorean time machine sooner rather than later

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