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Young stars don't falter on farce at the altar

Under the Summer Stars, Playbox Theatre, Warwick, June 16 & 23

Two wonderfully witty Anton Chekhov one-act comedy farces are provided by a youthful but highly talented Playbox cast.

The audience are treated to The Proposal where a landowner calls on a neighbour to ask for the hand of her daughter but before he gets chance to pop the question there is considerable dispute about which family owns a plot of land and an almighty row ensues between the young couple. Then, just as everything appeared to have been sorted, they are back at each other’s throats about who has the best hunting dog.

After the interval there is a lively version of The Wedding where the groom has insisted that a condition of the marriage is the attendance of a general as a guest at the event. However a scandal erupts at the peak of merriment when it becomes clears that the General is only a mere lieutenant colonel.

Both productions do justice to Chekhov’s scripts and are delivered with immense vibrancy with all of the actors displaying impressive stage presence and rising to the challenges of performing ‘in the round’.

The simple set, props and costumes are very effective and there are many neatly choreographed and energetic movements.

There did appear to be a shortage of potential male actors with several parts being successfully played by young women.

The audience probably mainly comprised peers, siblings and extremely proud parents and their appreciation was shown at the end when many joined the performers in the dancing.

Good fun, and I’m sure Anton would have approved!


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