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Twisted tales from the woods

Into the Woods, Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton. June 6-10

Nuneaton's Masquerader's Theatrical Society have spent the past five months rehearsing the music and tongue-twisting lyrics of the Stephen Sondheim classic Into The Woods.

For those unfamiliar with this huge West End hit, Sondheim introduces us to the fairytale characters from stories by the Brothers Grimm....but these are the unvarnished tales which don't necessarily have a happy ending.

The Masqueraders, who only stage two shows a year, will have their vocal chords stretched with this one.

Into The Woods intertwines all the characters from your childhood - or perhaps your grandmother's childhood - in one glorious musical mix.

One minute Cinderella is singing about escaping her cruel stepmother to attend her first ball, while dim Jack exchanges his cow for magic beans and Little Red Riding Hood comes face-to-face with the wolf.

Each has a wish and may have their dreams fulfilled. But their happiness has consequences and, as the narrator explains, the characters must band together to save all our fantasies from destruction.

The talented Masqueraders, who rehearse every week, are taking over Nuneaton's Abbey Theatre from June 6 until 10. I can offer just one word of warning: they normally play to packed houses. For tickets and more information visit or ring 024 7632 7359..

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