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Irresistible combination of Strictly...and sex

Strictly Sex Factor...On Ice, Cubbington Village Hall, May 18-20.

I don't know about anyone else but personally I can't wait to see Cubbington Players' version of the Strictly Sex Factor..On Ice!

You can bet there won't be any ice but this will be the second of two short comedies for the price of one on offer from May 18 to 20.

If you decide to go, book early. Cubbington Village Hall can only accommodate audiences of 60 at a time, and the cast and their supporters offer you snacks and a drink as part of the ticket price.

Billed as an Evening of Comedy, the first play on show is Michael Green's farcical whodunnit, Streuth. This involves murder amid the less-than-holy fundraisers for a church restoration appeal.

Then, after a refreshment break, the tiny Cubbington audience, sitting comfortably just outside the bright lights of Leamington, will be gently introduced to David Tristram's Little Grimley Dramatic Society.

There are any number of Little Grimley productions doing the rounds but in this one it seems the spoof drama group, unlike the real Cubbington Players, is floundering.

Quite simply, how do they attract bigger crowds?

That's when the Little Grimley chairman - not the Cubbington Players' chairman (do keep up!) - decides on an intoxicating way of packing the audiences in. For their next production he simply combines the words Strictly, with X, before throwing in the final, irresistible How can the plan possibly fail?

I rather suspect this is little comedy is of the same genre as The Play That Went Wrong, which has attracted a cult following throughout the UK.

Doors open at 7.45pm at Cubbington Village Hall, Broadway, Cubbington CV32 7JR.

Phone: 01926 422515; email:

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