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Surprise, surprise on double-trouble date

Passing Strangers, Saints Amateur Theatre Group, May 16-20.

It's the past, not the future, that will dictate how things go on the night when Malcolm takes his friend Clive to a singles evening at a local hotel.

Unhappy Clive is a hospital porter, masquerading as a doctor, whose wife has just dumped him, while confirmed bachelor Malcolm describes himself as being 'in imports' but is actually a market stall trader.

Together, they are out to impress upwardly-mobile divorcees Liz and Julie, a pair with more than one trick up their elegant sleeves, and they are about to discover that life, like the evening itself, is full of surprises.

Chris Smith directs as the Allesley Village Hall-based Saints take on this comedy by Eric Chappell, creator of TV classic Rising Damp. Jonathan Greaves is Clive, Gary Swain Malcolm, Jayne Batstone plays Julie, while Kate Hill is Liz. Both Jonathan and Jayne are making their acting debuts with the company.

Tickets from the Box Office on m. 07927 319985.

Pictured: left to right, Jayne Batstone, Jonathan Greaves, Kate Hill and Gary Swain.

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