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March of the Mods greets Small Faces

A fleet of vintage scooters were spotted lining up outside the Belgrade Theatre to mark the opening night of mod musical All or Nothing, which is currently visiting Coventry as part of a UK tour.

The ride out was staged by Coventry and Warwickshire’s All or Nothing Scooter Club, who are also named after the number one hit by The Small Faces.

Over 20 scooters and their owners took up position on Belgrade Square to celebrate the arrival of the mod musical, which features the music of the iconic mod band The Small Faces and tells the story of the band’s rise to fame as they experience the joys of success mixed with the dark side of the music industry.

In 1960s Britain, scooters like these represented the ultimate in mod cool and remain a symbol of the mod subculture today. The Coventry and Warwickshire All or Nothing Scooter Club has been riding this two-wheeled revolution for over 30 years and have come together to show off their variety of prized scooters in Belgrade Square as well as meeting the team behind this sensational show on its second UK tour.

Brian Forde, Chairman of the All or Nothing Scooter Club said, “When we heard the All or Nothing musical was coming to Coventry, we knew we wanted to get involved. We loved meeting the cast and are proud to be supporting this incredibly successful production here in our home city of Coventry. The All or Nothing Scooter Club has been going for over 30 years, which is nearly as long as the mod movement itself, and we hope to keep the spirit and style of mod culture alive!”

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