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Face the music and trance to Annie's score

MK Ultra, Warwick Arts Centre, May 11 and 12

Cutting-edge choreography and imagery, plus a pulsating electronic score composed by Coventry-born Annie Mahtani, threaten to set the stage alight at Warwick Arts Centre on May 11 and 12.

Inspired by the fake news and conspiracy theories swilling around the internet, choreographer Rosie Kay has joined forces with film-maker Adam Curtis to produce a vision of a not-so-Brave New World where pop icons are systematically used to brainwash us.

The perpetrators? Walt Disney in cahoots with the CIA.

Don't laugh your socks off just yet. Because Mk Ultra was the name of a real CIA mind-control idea back in the 1960s.

Annie Mahtani, now a lecturer at Birmingham University and promoter of Midlands-based sound artists, was asked to compose the score after previously working with the Rosie Kay Dance Company on their award-winning piece 5 Soldiers.

Her high energy mash-up of manipulated samples drives the non-stop movements of the seven dancers on stage to an "unsettling effect" - according to a critic on The Observer.

Meanwhile dance analysts over at The Guardian have welcomed this Arts Council-backed national tour and point out that Rosie herself - whose work was seen to such great effect in the film Sunshine On Leith - simply "doesn't do things by halves."

If you can keep up with the beat this will be one to watch...although tubs of ice cream may not be heavy enough to anchor your feet to the floor.

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