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Lizzie and Darcy caught by the Pantaloons

Pride and Prejudice, Royal Spa Centre, March 17, 2017

It is a truth almost universally acknowledged that Jane Austen's romantic classic Pride and Prejudice has been re-invented and tweaked more often than just about any other work of English literary fiction.

The latest re-telling comes to Leamington on March 17 when The Pantaloons Theatre Company bring their comic adaptation to the Royal Spa Centre as part of a national tour to mark the 200th anniversary of the novelist's death.

The Essex-based company, founded by a group of friends who graduated from the University of Kent in 2004, began life as an open-air ensemble, concentrating largely on the works of William Shakespeare, and have found a growing audience for their skilful blend of physicality, humour, live music and audience participation.

Their Pride and Prejudice, first seen two years ago, features core members Edward Ferrow and Alex Rivers in the much-loved tale of romantic manoeuvrings and petty snobberies among the country-dwelling middle classes of Georgian England.

Writer and director Mark Hayward said: "Our aim is to re-capture the riotous energy of the clown and we are known for being somewhat silly, but with our Pride and Prejudice we stay respectful to the things that people loved about the book in the first place. Austen's text is full of funny moments; we capitalise on those and add a few of our own."

So will Mrs Bennet manage to offload her numerous daughters in record time? Will Lizzy and Darcy actually get together? Will creepy Mr Collins just go away please? Find out on stage with the Pantaloons on March 17.

To book go to or ring 01926 334418.

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