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Miller's tale of greed and deceit rings true today

All My Sons, Loft Theatre, Leamington, until February 18

Written just after the Second World War, this play was generally believed

to be one of Arthur Miller greatest successes. It tells how Joe Keller’s

obsession with making money has been at the expense of others lives.

As the story unravels we learn that this is a family whose existence is

built on deceit.

Much of the underlying message of this play sadly still holds true today.

When Chris Keller, Joe’s son, says that he would like to put all the men

who made money out of the war against a wall and shoot them, Joe

adds that you would need a lot of bullets.

In many ways the play is unremitting in its portrayal of the complexity

and lies that have tainted the Keller family. It is however an engrossing

and thought provoking story.

The intensity of this production holds the audience in its grip throughout.

It is supported by a strong cast including Mary MacDonald. She gives a

remarkable performance as Kate Keller, Joe’s wife, a woman who has

been unable to accept the loss of her son Larry who was declared

missing during the war.

Joe Keller played by (Tom O’Connor) and Chris Keller played by (Jimmy Proctor) also provide convincing depictions of a father and son caught up in a family in turmoil. Other noteworthy performances by cast members include Ann Deever, Larry’s ex girlfriend (Julian-Ann Randell) and Angie Collins, the bitter next door neighbour

(Sue Bayliss).

This is an extraordinarily powerful and emotional production. It is well

directed and this, together with clever set design and creative opening

sequence make this well worth seeing.

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