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Brace yourself, the circus in coming to town

The Circus Of Horrors, Royal Spa Centre, Leamington, Feb 16.

The Circus Of Horrors has been plying its grisly and mind-boggling trade for 21 years now and pauses in genteel Leamington Spa for an evening on its current bloody lurch around festivals and theatres all over the world.

Its latest incarnation 'The Never-ending Nightmare', is a gruesome take on Alice in Wonderland featuring a whole cavalcade of weird and freakish acts, performed by the likes of Dr Haze and Anthony the human pin cushion to a largely original soundscape.

The Circus Of Horrors began life at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival and has in the intervening years amassed a diverse CV, which includes becoming the first British circus to perform in Russia, getting a slot on the X Factor, playing ten nights at the O2 arena and supporting on stage acts like Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden, Eminem and Oasis.

Forked tongue may be firmly in cheek, but this is not a show for the lily-livered. As celebrity supporter Graham Norton once observed, 'you have to go and see this in case, one day, something will go wrong and you will be able to say you were there.' Ouch!

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